Sound Theatre Company, in partnership with One Lump or Two Productions, presents something new for holiday entertainment: a world-premiere comedy with no nutcrackers, no misers, and no elves. But what would Christmas be without…Shakespeare?  In the sly spirit of Black Adder and Shakespeare in Love, Holiday of Errors (or Much Ado About Stockings) is a merry, irreverent send-up that mashes Twelfth Night, Richard III, and A Christmas Carol with historical inaccuracies and slanderous fabrications into an Elizabethan pudding that serves everyone!

Things look grim for Will Shakespeare and his trusty leading man, Dickie  Burbage, on Christmas Eve, 1593. The great Theatre is facing imminent  closure as the plague rages through London. But an urgent invitation  from Queen Elizabeth to perform at Whitehall Palace for Twelfth Night is  their golden ticket to solvency and royal patronage. Will’s quill has  been limp, but Christopher Marlowe’s spirit inspires him to begin a new  play featuring ghostly visitors who attempt to save the soul of their  murderer, Richard III…with a bit of song and dance.  Will and Dickie must also scheme with the drunken Baron Bollox and Earl  Eddie de Vere to confound the Queen’s puritan chamberlain, who wants to  close the theatres for good. All while the not-such-a-virgin Queen has  some saucy designs of her own. Will the theatre survive?  Will the Queen  find love?  And is Marlowe really dead?  The play has mild innuendo, but is otherwise appropriate for all  audiences.

For more information (including performance rights) , contact info@holidayoferrors.com